**CSCI 462 Software Engineering Practicum - Spring 2011**


I found a link that lets you export your blog into a pdf, or as they call it, a blogbook. The link is for blogbooker and you just choose which blog platform you use, export your blog as an XML file, then upload it along with the link to create the pdf book version. The directions on the website are simple to follow.


P.S. - In order to export your team's wiki as a PDF, click the link in the left hand menu that says 'Manage Wiki'. Then scroll to the very bottom and click 'Exports'. Once here, you will be able to choose the format you would like to export your wiki as, and then export it (I think you have to be the wiki admin/creator to do this, but I'm not exactly sure.


Student Listing by Name, each linked to individual Blog:

Francis Ani
Anthony (Tony) Ankrapp
Austin Baker
Andrew Bissada
Shaun Lally
Carlynn Carter
Stephanie Cary
Glenn Faken
Shannon Fox
James Goodrich
Timothy Griesemer
Kyle Hagan
Jordan Homan
Ryan Hunt
Alex Johnson
Brittany Johnson
Ashley Kirby
Matt Lyons
Jaime Miller
Brandon Sheppard
William Shiver
Jesse Snider
Perry Spyropoulos
Bobby Strickland
Staci Torrey
Joshua Walton
Megan Weaver

Team Listing by name, each linked to team Wiki:

The A-Team
Flux Capacitors
4's Company
Team Handicapped
When It's Done
Work Without Pay

Beware of Wubi

Hey all,

Just wanted to inform everyone about the dangers of using Wubi to run Ubuntu. I have learned a few things about this piece of software after investigating Stephanie's issue.

I am not an expert by far but I do not believe this software establishes a dual boot setup, it only gives the appearance of this. Not sure how they do it but Ubuntu is loaded on top of Windows' file structure. Don't believe me then explore your C drive, you will find a folder named 'Ubuntu' on it, that is your Ubuntu install inside of Windows.

You may say so what... Well this has caused issues on several machines already. Staci installed a Grub update that knocked out her Windows' boot loader, rendering her machine unable to boot to Windows or Ubuntu. Jesse and Stephanie were both affected by packages that were needed for the previous assignment. One of these packages altered Stephanie's Windows registry and now Windows will not load her profile properly, this is a serious issue if your user account is the only admin account on the machine. My point is that these two OSs are not separated like in a dual-booting situation, where each OS resides on a separate partition of the HDD.


Just wanted to let everyone know. If you use this setup, use at your own risk and be sure to BACKUP your files.

Happy Coding!

- Brandon Sheppard

If anyone is interested in using a persistent bootable Ubuntu USB drive, I found some good instructions here. After my mishap, this is my Ubuntu of choice!